The Dutch Association for Teacher Educators VELON is an association with around 1500 individual members, who are professionally involved in (both pre- and in-service) teacher education in The Netherlands.
As an organization of professionals VELON is committed to the enhancement of the professional quality of teacher educators. We define teacher educators as anyone who makes a substantial contribution to the professional development of teachers, whether initially or post-initially. In this respect we do not distinguish between educators appointed at universities, colleges of higher education, in-service institutions or schools.

As the VELON is an association of individual teacher educators, it is independent from schools, universities and colleges and their institutional interests; it is primarily concerned with professional support for educators. In working towards improving the quality of these educators, the VELON hopes to contribute to improving the quality of teacher education.
The professional support that VELON offers her members include:

  • The maintanance of a professional standard and a professional register for teachers educators. Teacher educators can apply to be included in the professional register by passing a professional development process and peer-assessment
  • A quarterly journal which focusses on the interaction between theory and practice of the education of teachers. The Journal is published jointly with the Flemish Association for Teacher Educators VELOV.
  • An annual two-days conference (with around 500-600 participants) and an annual one day working conference.
  • Publication of relevant books. The most recent books focussed on the support of beginning teacher educators and on partnerships between schools and higher education institutes in school-based teacher education.
  • In 2011 the VELON developed in close co-operation with the Free University of Amsterdam a knowldge base for teacher educators. This knowledge base can support (novice) teacher educators in developing their knowledge on the teaching and learning of (student) teachers

When you are interested and  want to know more about VELON’s philosophy, activities and ambitions, please contact us.

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