Knowledge base for teacher educators

Knowledge base of teacher educators

This website contains the first version of a knowledge base of teacher educators. The aim is to offer an informative and inspiring learning environment for teacher educators and to support the further development of the profession ‘teacher educator’.

The website has been developed by a development  group together with more than sixty Dutch school- and institute based teacher educators, and researchers, professors and policy makers who are involved in teacher education . They have written literature reviews, examples of good practice, suggestions for reflection and for further reading. Colleagues from Australia, New-Zealand, the UK and the USA have contributed to the embedding of this knowledge base in the international debate on the profession ‘teacher educator’.


The knowledge base consists of ten domains:

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The four core domains are basic, and applicable to all teacher educators. The specific domains take into account the different contexts in which teacher educators work, and their specialization (e.g. a specific academic domain/subject or pedagogical content). The extended domains are in their most basic form relevant to all teacher educators, but in their full depth they are intended for teacher educators specializing in such a domain.

Available in English

To offer an impression of the knowledge base, the theoretical contributions to the domains Profession: Teacher educator and Pedagoy of Teacher Education have been translated.


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